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At 48 1/2 years old, you come to realize some truths about yourself that can probably be called eternal truths. For me, there’s this one: My appetite for music and concert-going isn’t fading away. Not even a little. Spending a full day at a festival, running from one stage to the next, camera in tow, is as good as a vacation.

Every night that I get on my bike for the two-minute straight shot to Belly Up Aspen makes me feel like a kid. I’m happy to report that, even as my stash of favorite acts has piled up to the toppling point — there’s just not enough time to give proper listening attention to all the CDs in my collection, for which I feel guilty — I haven’t lost the thrill of discovering new sounds.

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Music Scene Explodes in Carbondale

Aspen Daily News talks to Josh Behrman about PAC3 and the music scene taking on a heavy presence in Carbondale.

“We hit it hard and we hit it big.” – Said Behrman on opening PAC3.

“What the Wheeler does and what Belly Up does they do well,” said Behrman.

“I respect them tremendously, but I think we can all do what we do without really jumping on each other.”


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The Performing Arts Center at Third Street Center Carbondale, or PAC3, joins more than 30 other nonprofits and for-profit business in the community-based facility with an eye toward sustainability.

Josh Behrman, founder and president of Mountain Groove Productions — which produces the Snowmass Chili Pepper and Brewfest, the Snowmass Culinary Arts Festivals, concerts at the Wheeler Opera House, and other events — has had the idea for for a large downvalley events space for some time. But plans for PAC3, which is run by Behrman’s new nonprofit Music for the Mountains, emerged last year when Carbondale Council for Arts and Humanities events coordinator Amy Kimberly showed Behrman the old, dilapidated former school gymnasium being used mostly for storage space.

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