The Motet with Euforquestra

December 29, 2012

Doors 7PM/Show 8PM

Tickets $25 advance/$30 day of Show



Founded and led by drummer Dave Watts, the group began over ten years ago and hasn’t let up since. Featuring complex compositions written and arranged by Watts himself, the music tells a story through syncopated rhythms and melodies. As music and technology evolve at an astounding rate, so too has The Motet pioneered their unique sound while continuing to defy categorization.

With roots in Jazz, Afrobeat, Funk, Salsa and Samba, The Motet keeps their audiences in a dancing frenzy by layering House and Techno rhythms into a style that is uniquely their own.

With its 6th release, Dig Deep, The Motet once again proves that it is a group committed to exploring and pushing the sonic envelope, while still remaining dedicated to the musical traditions that have defined their sound. A heavy-horned Afrobeat influence countered with a textural blanket of Electronica, this album showcases the talents and strengths of the cast of characters that drummer and producer Dave Watts has assembled. Keyboardist Joey Porter lays down the funk under the coursing melodies of saxophonist Dominic Lalli in pure Motet fashion, with the ever driving beats of Watts’ masterful rhythmic production pushing the music through sonic peaks and valleys that tantalize and invigorate listeners.

The Motet is a world-class ensemble that whips audiences into a whirlwind using sheer impromptu force. The rhythms are spontaneous and textured and the beats are hard driving. The band uses this energy to create a rapport between the audience and themselves that is rarely seen in today’s world of manufactured rock. The Motet consecrates the ground on which dance music meets free-form improvisation.



Originally from Iowa City, IA, Eufórquestra (pronounced: yoo • FOHR • keh • struh, think Euphoria+Orchestra) relocated to Fort Collins, CO in August 2008 and has made a splash on the Colorado music scene with its progressive, genre-bending funk fusion and a relentless tour schedule. Eufórquestra is quickly spreading its unique, rhythmic blend of sound, integrating such genres as Afrobeat, Reggae, Funk, Soukous, Soca, Salsa, and Dub. The band’s music is igniting dance floors across the country, with a sound that “explodes, dances and melts in your ear with sheer bliss” (Chris M. Slawecki; As the band puts it, “we just want to make people dance.”

In October 2009, Eufórquestra released their third studio album, “Soup”, a collection of 11 tracks that captures the band at new heights in terms of songwriting, energy and production. Following the success of “Soup”, the band released their first ever official live release, “Let Us In”, in March 2012. With “Let Us In” Eufórquestra were finally able to capture the energy of their live with a collection of songs from previous records, previously unrecorded tunes and brand new cover material. The album was summarized by Nicholas Stock of Colorado’s Music Marauders blog as follows: “Let Us In is a powerful example of what a live album should be. So often live albums are a rehashing of studio releases in a rumbling setting. Let Us In does everything it’s supposed to do and is a great introduction to this extraordinary band.”




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