The Malah

July 14th

$8 advance/ $12 day of Show

The Malah are a Greenville, South Carolina-based trio who have been captivating ears with malahdic electro grooves since December 2003. In an
over-saturated “jam” market, the band are making their mark with finely-structured tunes that remain fluid and open to interpretation. By mixing rich, earthy atmospheres with electrifying rhythms, the Malah explore the meeting point of cutting-edge technology and ancient musical theory. Every song has a story to tell and unravels itself throughout the listening experience. The music is always evolving and is impossible to pin down under a label or genre.

The Malah are very excited to release their 2nd studio album: Sound Spectrum. A live performance captured in a studio setting, Sound Spectrum combines the energy and funk of a concert with the precision recording techniques available only in a closed, private environment.

The band’s first release, Voyage of Radio Waves, was more of a carefully-composed and sequenced introduction to the band’s thoughts and emotions, a beginning to the journey they now are on. These two albums are like night and day, but they both profit from the Malah’s ability to never be in the same place twice. The Malah continue to share the wealth of the love for music with anyone who is willing to recieve it. Be on the look out for the Malah as they journey to every corner of the planet with hopes of creating music for the entire human race. We hope to see you on the dance floor!


We need Volunteers for this show!



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