Colin Hay (Men at Work front man)

SEPTEMBER 21, 2011


W/ Opener Chris Trapper

It is a long way from Colin Hay’s birthplace of Kilwinning, Scotland, to his current residence in Los Angeles, California-and it gets even longer when you make the trek via Australia. But that’s not to say that Hay is complaining. Having formed the seminal Australian pop band Men at Work in the late ‘70s, Hay and his musical cohorts rode the crest of the New Wave pop insurgence all the way to the top of the American charts. Since then, Hay has forged a solo career that has now yielded nine albums (three times more than he released with Men at Work). A few years back, his career received an unexpected boost when actor Zach Braff took some time to listen. And with Hay’s subsequent musical contributions to Braff’s television series (Scrubs) and film (Garden State) reigniting his career, it seems people are starting to look at him all over again. – the Santa Barbara Independent

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